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About us

HEDĒN was born in Andalusia, where the taste for craftsmanship and working with high quality raw materials are part of the hallmarks of its culture. Ubrique, origin of manufacture of international brands recognized worldwide, and its master furriers are part of the birth of our brand.

HEDĒN is committed to design, identity and the timelessness of pieces that ultimately seduce by their charisma and uniqueness.


Leather has a strong sensual component, activates our senses and evokes an attractive chemistry. Hedēn is a brand that is recognized in a humanism aware of the ephemerality of our life and how important the search for well-being and pleasure is.


The man and woman HEDĒN seek sensory pleasure, the intellectual, the artistic, they are authentic, they seduce and their inner strength is magnetic.


HEDĒN is born in 2022, the year of the skin, the year in which we touch each other again, we start to feel again… and was born in Spain, a country rich in creativity where sensuality is present in all its cultural manifestations: dance, painting, gastronomy, design, architecture…


HEDĒN’s commitment to our environment is twofold. On the one hand the quality of our pieces, created to last, timeless. On the other hand, the promotion and recognition of the creative and artisan talent of our land.

From the procurement to the final manufacture of our parts we ensure that all the requirements and regulations that guide the codes of good practice are met.

We source responsibly and ethically from reputable suppliers that work with large multinationals in the sector recognized for their quality standards and commitment to the environment.

In addition, our artisan manufacturing equipment is protected in conditions that comply with all the values in terms of workers’ rights.

For us, being ethical is not only a matter of product, it is also a matter of people, that is why the values of equality, inclusion and diversity are completely integrated into our corporate philosophy.