Hedēn's Collection


Drapé is the brand’s first collection, inspired by textiles it evokes the sensations of a material that falls on the waist and figure. The way in which a draped fabric adheres to the curves of the body, the folds that are defined and wave thanks to the textures and flexibility of its fibers are sources of inspiration that provide delicate and sensual airs to our pieces.

Our Drapé collection is an original work that manages to capture this “couture” technique on our leathers. A complex exercise that requires, in addition to great technical skill, mastery of the art of design, seeking the most harmonious volumes.



To carry it on your shoulder. Closure with carabiner. Two large interior pockets, one of them zippered. Textile suede lining. Logo HEDĒN metallic Gold rivets metallic protectors on the base. Characteristic stitches sewn by hand.