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exposicion gaudi orsay 2022

If there is a museum with charm that is d’Orsay. The triumph of art over practicality: an old train station that yields to the power of Impressionism. The last exhibition the most curious eyes have been able to contemplate in Paris, dedicated to the Catalan genius Antoni Gaudí, took place April 12 to July 17, 2022.

A talent that never runs out and in which art, as in the current Orsay, always overcomes functionality. The practical is done and taken for granted, it fulfills its concrete purpose, but art is something else. Gaudí knew it and that is why he gave himself body and soul to bring modernism to all angles of life. Gaudí in Paris.

Space and color, were dimensions that obsessed the architect and artist who always maintained his faith in art and the ability to turn the world into a paradise within our reach.

gaudi en el museo de orsay 2022

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