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bajo las estrellas

Have you ever thought about enjoying the most sensual and enveloping wine under the sky? Are you seduced by the idea of a dialogue between heaven and earth, between stars and grapes?

With the sense of sight tempered by the absence of sun, the stars will guide you in a very special tasting. In Sierra de Gredos, a place with a soul where its wine will make you see the stars, but in a literal sense. The wine name’s Las Moradas de San Martín, elaborated with the fertile and explosive Grenache that is cultivated in the surroundings.

The heat dissipates at sunset. The winding landscape of Gredos is projected before your eyes. It’s a real movie, although sometimes you doubt it. Enjoying this wine tasting under the stars, you will feel the contents of the glass sliding down your mouth and it will remind you that you are there. It’s another unique moment, a present you’ll keep for yourself, forever.


las moradas de san martin (2)

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