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Click represents the most sophisticated interpretation, the Heden hologram focuses the attention of these piece, where are combined the contrast between the voluptuousness of the flaps and the pure and minimalist lines of the closure and the base.


Graphic is the modern bet for the most transgressive combination. The design intentionally provokes a tension between classic lines and avant-garde motifs, an exercise that defines the essence of our most groundbreaking and charismatic models.


The rectangular Drapé model in large size becomes a must when wishing to combine capacity and design, a model that seeks a game of contrast between the voluminous waves of its lapels and the straighter shape of the body of the bag. This unique and original design of the HEDEN brand highlights the expert work of the leather. Made entirely by hand in veal leather and lined inside with soft textile suede. The high quality achieved in the elaboration of this collection shows the quality of the Spanish craftsmanship.


To carry on the shoulder or crossed, the rectangular version Drapé is an elegant and functional model at the same time. It combines the characteristic leather draping on its lapels along with the rectangular structure of the bag body. The volumes once again achieve the maximum originality of the design making it easily recognizable as a HEDEN piece. The prominence of the soft calf leather can be seen in the characteristic folds of the Drapé Collection. It is expertly handmade in veal leather and lined in soft suede textile. The highest quality in materials and manufacturing are observed in the manufacture of this model that is a sample of its excellent Spanish manufacture.


Drapé is a model that seeks a game of contrast between the voluminous waves of its lapels and the rectangular structure of the body of the bag. Both day and night it will be the perfect complement for its recognizable design and versatility. The rectangular Drapé model pays homage, like all HEDEN designs, to the leather and its exquisite work. Completely handmade in veal leather and lined in soft textile suede. The excellent manufacture carried out in Spain responds to the highest quality standards.


The Drapé mini version is a model that seeks a contrasting game between the voluminous waves of its lapels and the rectangular shape of the bag. The versatility of this bag allows its use both during the day and at night. A recognizable and original design in which the leather is shown in all its splendor achieving prominence in these pieces. The expert hands of the artisans work the veal leather responding to the highest demands of Spanish quality.


The Drapé Collection creates the bucket model in which the draping of the leather and the square structure of the bag result in a perfect harmony. The functionality of the bucket with its great interior capacity and the originality of the leather work makes it an original and recognizable piece of the HEDEN brand. Fundamental in the collection is the exquisite work of the veal leather and the inner lining in textile suede. The highest quality standards can be seen in this bag made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen in Spain.


To carry it on the shoulder, crossed or in the hand. Adjustable shoulder strap and detachable short handle. Closure with carabiners. Including an inner bag with zipper and card holder. Textile suede lining. Metallic HEDEN anagram. Characteristic stitches sewn by hand. Protective metallic gold rivets at the base.


The mini Drapé bucket is the most flirtatious version of this model. Conceived as a bag to carry crossed or shoulder in special moments. The softness of the veal leather and its careful manufacture manage to create this small jewel. The characteristic interior in HEDEN green made of textile suede also gives originality to the interior. Working these small pieces is a sign of the high quality craftsmanship manufactured in Spain.


Drapé completes the collection with small leather goods. The rectangular wallet works the leather draping on the lapel. As in all Drapé models, the veal leather looks in all its splendor becoming the real protagonist of the piece. The careful and expert Spanish manufacture is evident in the high quality of this Spanish manufacture.


The square wallet is the ideal complement to the Drapé bag collection. Incorporate the leather draping on the flap with a magnetized closure. The protagonist is still the veal leather and its careful manufacture. The interior lined with textile suede in HEDEN green. The design and elaboration of this portfolio manages to take the draping of the leather to the smallest complements.